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About us

Dalston Beard Co. has humble beginnings in East London founded in 2020. We carefully develop mens grooming products for styling and maintaining beards, moustaches and skin.

We have been developing our own beard products for over 2 years. This has given us great insight in to what we value most about our beard grooming routines. We know exactly what goes in to our products and take pride in them being 100% natural.

Our products

  • 100% Natural ingredients.
  • Well researched and balanced blends
  • Perform to a high standard.
  • Eco friendly as possible.
  • Assed by a chartered and recognised chemist for safety (CPSR)

We create every product by hand in our East London studio.

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See our flagship unscented beard oil Bare-Bones

Our Mission

We understand that growing a beard is a lifestyle choice and it can come with its own challenges. We want men to feel comfortable with their facial hair and their lifestyle and be confident about their appearance.


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